Why could SATURN rule Astrology?

The straightforward answer is because astrology is a practical dream. And practical dreams are ruled by Saturn. 
When you go out on a clear night and look up at the sky with its beautiful and mysterious stars you can easily spot (with an unaided eye) a non-twinkling point of light – that is Saturn. 
If you go further and use binoculars or a telescope you can see the rings of Saturn and at least the biggest one of its moons called Titan. 
You may think that as a planet which has such a bad reputation in “pop astrology” Saturn portrays  doom and gloom in astronomical photographs. 
Brace yourself for a huge surprise. 
Saturn is the most photogenic planet in the solar system. It has a golden glow, its tilt and rings are unique and magnificent and its moons so pretty. 
Now, despite the picture quality of Saturn’s rings, they inevitably bring the idea of constraint and limitation. Cage can be a prison even if it is a golden cage. 
Let’s look deeper into the matter. 
Saturn is an old planet. It was formed 4.5 billion years ago when the whole solar system was built. 
Research* recently showed that the rings of Saturn are relatively modern – they were formed between 100 and 200 million years ago. 
* research by NASA, University of Durham, University of Glasgow
The scientific hypothesis** is that one of Saturn’s moons came very close to the planet and was completely destroyed. 
99% of the resultant debris “ended up swallowed by the giant gas planet”. 
The remaining pieces formed the rings. 
The researchers called the lost moon Chrysalis because it ”blossomed” into the rings as a chrysalis transforms into a butterfly.
 In other words “ Saturn does not ask you to give up your dreams just to make them real”***
** Jack Wisdom, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
*** Steve Forrest, Evolutionary astrologer
So, as restraining as they seem, structure and hierarchy have a great place in astrology. 

Look at the natal astrological chart. It is a structure – a wheel which is divided into 12 segments and every planet has a place in the segments. 

The angles divide the zodiac wheel into quadrants and the aspects rule the conversation between the planets. 
If you are a beginner in astrological study you need to go through the hierarchy of acquiring the astrological knowledge and skills.

You could not begin with learning about aspects or progressions if you do not know anything about planets, zodiac signs or houses and so on. 
Here it is another perspective – if you feel that astrological study is too hard and stop going somewhere in the ground or first floor of the building of astrological knowledge please do not assume that you are an astrologer. 
It is a proven fact that your knowledge and skills are shallow. 
This fact is not discouraging. It is a Saturnian fact about reality and personal responsibility. 
If you are happy to operate in the realm of superficial astrology then do it. 
It is scary to look never climb to the top floor but that is where Saturn has a golden glow and its rings are stunning. 
There is one more benefit of Saturn as a ruler of astrology. 
The serious and practical planet with a no nonsense approach to life helps you enormously to recognise and avoid self-proclaimed astrology teachers and gurus, “established” astrological schools, and professionals with “practice and clients”. 
Go for the best quality and pick Saturn as a strict but real master of making your dreams come true.

Take the road WELL traveled

A few months ago I disseminated some wisdom regarding effective ways of studying astrology. 
Since then I have made progress in reading the subject, so another portion of insights can be shared with the audience. 
To begin with, this article is based on my strong belief that there is no right or wrong way of studying astrology. You, the reader, can test and take only what resonates with you or you can be courageous and try something which is not so familiar.

I have never fully grasped the presumption that astrology is governed by Uranus. My hypothesis is that it is ruled by Saturn and Mercury (I will explain my arguments in the next article) therefore a  systematic approach to studying astrology is definitely needed. 
 The most direct way to guarantee it is to join a reliable, reputable school of astrology. 
Just be aware that studying astrology with this type of school requires money, time and consistent effort from you. Moreover, you need to supplement the school-study with diligent self-studying and practice.
Sounds gross! Yes, it is! It is hard and often it is overwhelming! The sunny days of learning about the planets and signs and houses are over and the first hurdle to jump is the interpretation of natal charts. 
The crucial tool in succeeding is to adopt a methodical, step-by-step process of understanding. Otherwise you will be lost and your interpretation could be inaccurate or inadequate.  
Good astrological schools not only teach you this type of systematic approach but they offer their students a certificate exam at this level. I highly recommend that every student of astrology takes it. 
Going through the examination is challenging and time consuming yet, it consolidates the astrological knowledge and skills acquired so far and prepares you for the next phase.
Additionally, it requires your intuition, imagination and creative writing throughout the process.
 Remember “A smooth sea does not make a skilled sailor”!
And then the big blows appear! Transits, Solar Return, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions techniques! OMG, they are really overwhelming. Finding a way to organise and prioritise the data is fundamental. Your teachers and mentors will provide you with possible methods and you can choose which one suits you. 

At this point in your study, if not earlier, you need to buy and use an astrological software. It is very beneficial but does not replace the reference to the Ephemeris if needed. 
You may think now “Everything appears as an uphill battle, where is the joy of studying astrology?”. It is there, believe me. The most joyful experiences could come from two sources – your teacher and your peers.
To my astonishment, when the teacher is the one who lives and breathes astrology she/he can create miracle moments of elation in the classroom. The inspiration stimulates  the student to keep going.
And last but not the least – your student peers are your big asset during the process. You meet like-minded people who are in the same boat as you. A warm feeling of camaraderie is created and there is always someone you can ask, complain to or support. 
Personally I enjoy it the most when the creative juices start flowing in the classroom – everyone is thinking, provoking, questioning, answering, analysing, synthesising. Experiencing such true and raw moments of creativity and ingenuity is a bliss. “When love and skills work together except a masterpiece”.