Astrological look at biohacking

Some people are sceptical about astrology as they find the mainstream explanations of the effect of the planetary events quite difficult to understand. In my opinion, some astrological descriptions lack good illustrated examples and therefore they have less value.  
 Having said that, let’s look at a particular planetary event and discover how it affects our mundane lives.
In May 2018 Uranus entered the zodiac sign of Taurus and is going to stay there until April 2026. On more personal level, Uranus passes my Taurus Ascendant at this moment making the cosmic affair very close to my heart. 
Uranus in Taurus gives us biohacking. 
What is biohacking?
The term has two components – bio and hacking. Bio refers to the body and nature – the realm of Taurus. Hacking is an eccentric even naughty activity connected with technology and computers – the kingdom of Uranus. 
So biohacking is an enterprise aiming to gain unauthorised access (Uranus) to the body system (Taurus). 
The term was suggested by Dave Asprey in 2010 (before Uranus entered Taurus) but biohacking began gaining widespread popularity after Uranus entered Taurus. 
Biohacking treats the human automatic nervous system controlling automatic body functions (Taurus), such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, sweating, salivating, food movement through intestines, as similar to a computer operating system which you could impair in order to gain control over it. 
Meanwhile, everyone else, including the system, assumes it runs in the previous, unaltered way. 
Biohacking aims to attain something seemingly impossible – good health with minimum effort. Impossible becomes possible by engaging the laziness principle of nature (Taurus).
How does the laziness principle work?


Biohackers (Uranus) take into account the fact that nature (Taurus) encourages the usage of energy only for the survival of the organism and the species. Energy is needed for food, fight and flight (dangers), and sexual reproduction. Apart from that the organism does not need to waste energy, and, could be lazy and comfortable (Taurus). 
Hackers know that the body’s automatic nervous system reacts to dangers more quickly than the brain. 
The opposite is also valid – if no danger, the body wants to rest and tells the brain that no effort is required. So the biohackers approach the body(Taurus) in a new way (Uranus) by inventing the “fast in”-“fast out” fix. 
An integral part of it is to establish the baseline of initial health measurements (Taurus) and to track the results as it goes. The most convenient way to do that is to use the iPhone apps (Uranus). 
By the way, do you know that before launching their company Apple Computers, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were selling illegal phone-hacking devices called blue box?
Biohacking strongly encourages you to experiment (Uranus) by finding what works for you. 
The first thing you must do is to find out which food (Taurus) enhance your health. 
Along the line you could try the free of charge biohacking methods such as cold showers, breathing techniques, chanting or you could visit the biohacking gyms where you could try the new wellness machines such as full body vibrator or the cryotherapy chamber that are based on the latest science and technology (Uranus), or you could even have them in the comfort (Taurus) of your own home. 
You get it!
Where is the money?
That leads us to another typical characteristic of Uranus in Taurus – the new way of making money. 
Biohacking is a fast growing wellness industry. The biohacking market is estimated to reach $63 billion by 2028 having grown by 19% since 2021. Its expected growth rate through 2027 is 22.9%.  There is money (Taurus) to be made or spent by indulging in biohacking (Uranus). 
You could find other examples of Uranus in Taurus. Recently I shared a video of a robot-waiter (Uranus) delivering food (Taurus) in a restaurant in London. 
An established astrologer looked at the video and interpreted it as an example of Pluto in Aquarius! Wow! 
Pluto entered Aquarius in March 2023 and will stay in this sign until 11th  June 2023.
 I can see the relevance of both interpretations. 
Can you interpret biohacking as Pluto in Aquarius?
Still, I am going to embrace the cosmic energy and try one of the new biohacking gyms in London this summer.
 Do not forget Uranus is transiting my Taurus Ascendant. 
The experience will be reported!

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  1. Много интересна , интригуваща и полезна публикация !!! Очаквам с нетърпение продължения !

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