“Even the stars think I am superior”

I was researching for my article “Why could Mercury be a ruler of astrology?” when I came across a relatively recent Swedish survey about the correlation between the belief in astrology, intelligence and personality traits. 


The conclusions of the survey confirmed the thoughts I was having all along since my journey through astrology began. Coincidently, my March visit to an astrological “conference” in London provided me with empirical evidence for the likelihood of the survey suggestions.


In a nutshell – the study found that strong predictive factors of a deep belief in astrology are narcissism and low intelligence. 


The survey included 264 participants, most of them (87%) young women between 25 and 34 years old. They were recruited through social media (Facebook). The team acknowledged the limitations of the survey design (lack of random sampling, limited age and gender group, lack of information about the level of astrological knowledge and a short version of the scales used). They also indicated that more data should be obtained and analysed in the future. 


However, the results of the survey are important for all of us who have an interest in astrology. 


Firstly, the link between belief in astrology and low intelligence really appears biased. How could exceptional mathematicians, physicists and astronomers such as Ptolemy, Newton, Copernicus, Kepler and Einstein who were fascinated by astrology be called people of low intelligence?! They definitely and absolutely were not. 


Where is the catch then? It is in the lack of critical thinking. Astrology’s “pop” face is the columns in the lifestyle and fashion magazines and websites, the predictions on YouTube, the endless online astrological courses, etc. Nothing wrong with all of that if you take these forms as entertainment and small talk. People try to make money, so the more simplistic it is the better. We all want to hear exceptional, dramatic, positive predictions especially in moments of uncertainty and public or personal crises and decisions. 


However, in my opinion everyone must wear the hat of a critical thinker when it comes to astrology. You need to have knowledge of mathematics, physics, astronomy and psychology in order to understand the astrological tradition and not to accept foolishly what is thrown at you. For example, are you going to give credence to the shallow categorising of people by their Sun sign and avoid the complexity and vagueness of the astrological symbols? Do you think the astrological theory of planetary dignities and debilities have a place in the 21st century or we need to rethink it?


Secondly, the strongest indicator of a deep belief in astrology is a narcissistic personality. The authors of the survey  gave some possible explanations of the phenomenon – the “self-centred worldview, the cultural aspects of millennials which may emphasise the uniqueness of individuals, the positively framed astrological predictions”. 


I was not at all surprised by this finding in the study. Attend any astrological conference, school, classes, retreats and online readings and you will find the narcissists telling you who you are and how you must live your life. You cannot help yourself thinking that if they are so good at reading the planetary energies and riding their waves why are they not the richest, happiest, most successful people in the world. Instead, in front of you is someone who could do better with their personal grooming, improving their language and speech and who could present new perspectives instead of repeating cliches. 


Maybe the stars choose who they speak to. 

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  1. Поучително и любопитно ! Хубаво е звездите да могат да избират с кого да говорят, а разбирането е резултат от умението да се мисли критично.

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