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At the end of January it feels like winter goes on forever. One way of dealing with the end-of-winter blues is to have a spa day. Even better if the spa day voucher is the present left under the Christmas tree by your loving husband.
The best spa in the local area, by far, is Chewton Glen. Chewton Glen is a luxury country hotel situated between Highcliffe and New Milton. 
The most appealing feature of the spa is its spaciousness. The swimming pool hall is roomy, with natural light coming from huge windows and  the ceiling is high. It radiates an atmosphere of relaxation. However, the Chewton Glen spa was recently renovated and I do not fully appreciate the results. The walls were painted white and although the colour enhances the dimensions it reminds me of a hospital. The previous design, in the style of Roman baths, was better for me but let’s put that in the category of personal taste.
The spa bar is comfortable with a stunning view across the gardens. The breakfast is healthy and, importantly, the bartender is Italian. He makes an excellent espresso coffee, which ensures the day kicks off very well. Lunch is served until 15.30.
The changing room is a gem – it contains all the provisions and equipment needed and also has a steam room, sauna, cold drenches and a feet jacuzzi. Here you can spend hours detoxing, healing and energising yourself. The standard of hygiene is very high and it is maintained consistently during the day.
The swimming pool is 17m long and the area is surrounded by snuggly beds. The pool does not have lanes, and at particular times of the day can be overcrowded. Around 11.00 an instructor gives a water aerobic class attended by 6 to 8 ladies. 
The real sense of adventure comes when you go to the jacuzzi outside the hotel. The air is cold and fresh, the water is pleasantly hot. The pressure streams gently massage all areas of the body that need more oxygen and blood. 

Inside, in a spacious conservatory, there is a very big jacuzzi. Nearby are heated beds where you can lie and feel the heat on your lower back and knees. 
This jacuzzi has many sections. There are benches and beds with water pressure massaging your whole body. Other sections direct the water pressure towards your legs, your core muscles or your neck and shoulders. You can focus on all your aches and pains and ease them in the most enjoyable way. 

There is always an idiot in the jacuzzi. They stay upright under the pressure water for the neck and shoulders and splash it all over other people until they finally realise what they are doing or the most impatient spa user enlightens them. 
My favourite treatment is the full body massage. This time the treatment room is very disappointing. It is just unpleasant. It reminds me of what the Americans call a “closet”. However, the treatment is very good and the passion fruit sorbet at the end of the procedure is tasty. 
I leave Chewton Glen around 17.00. My body, mind and spirit feel a very pleasant type of tiredness. I can face the rest of the winter now. Spring will be here soon!

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  1. Прекрасно усещане за удовлетвореност и желание за повторение ! И зимата е чудесна когато има спа дни.

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