“Life is worthwhile if you just smile”

Recently I read an article by Ron Gutman published in Forbes some years ago. Ron discovered a simple, powerful and free way to improve his life and the lives of others. The revelation came to him when he was running. He noticed that smiling helped him to go through the pain and struggle of the run so he went on a quest to “uncover the untapped powers of the smile”
Some of his discoveries are amazing:

1. If you smile in your photographs you probably will live 7 years longer than the people who do not smile in their photographs.

2. Children smile around 400 times a day. 30% of adults smile around 20 times a day and less than 14% smile 5 times daily.

3. Smiling makes us feel good. It is not only because we feel happy that we smile – it is actually because we smile that we feel happy. 

4. When you smile others smile back to you. Swedish researchers revealed that seeing another person’s smile suppresses the facial muscle controls compelling others to smile back. And smiling back makes them feel good. 



5. A British study found that a smile stimulates the brain the same way as eating 2, 000 chocolate bars and having £16,000. 


6. Smiling is a free therapy – it keeps you healthy, reduces the level of stress hormones,  increases good mood hormones and lowers the blood pressure. 



F. Scott Fitzgerald said it all beautifully: 



It was only a sunny smile, and


little it cost in the giving


but like morning light


it scattered the night 


and made the day worth living. 


  1. 😊😊😊 Yes!

  2. Прекрасно начало на деня и спомен за рефрена ” Усмивката….превръща тя човека в човек”…..

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