Making memories at New Year’s Eve

Usually New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are the times for making our New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions are supposed to change us in a positive way – “New Year, new me”. 
I would suggest a different approach – make memories before making resolutions. 
Adrian (my husband and a distinguished art and music lover) and I decided to make New Year memories in London. 
The best place for that was the City area around the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. 
In the late afternoon on 31st December we were sitting in the All Bar One on Great Tower Street. The weather was gloomy, raining constantly. From my seat I could see through the window and the amber lights of festive decorations the mystical contours of the Tower of London and the brightly lit Tower Bridge. The picture in front of my eyes was stunningly beautiful and breath taking. My heart was full of appreciation of life and beauty even though Adrian expertly said that I was easily pleased.  
Later we went to our favourite restaurant, Wright Brothers, in Borough Market. The fish and seafood restaurant is a charming place, offering excellent food and great service from a hard-working international team. Without them this memory wouldn’t be possible. The restaurant is very cosy and cleverly designed. The atmosphere is informal, friendly and festive. The clienele were also international  – next to us at the bar was an interesting eccentric Dutch couple. 
Around 23.00 the crowd began moving towards London Bridge in order to watch the fireworks. London is really cosmopolitan – I could hear all the languages in the world around us. We were all there for the same reason – to enjoy the anticipation that something new, something positive was on the way to meet us. Only two more seconds and the hope would be reality. No, No, please,  wait for a moment, one more shot on my iPhone….
The counting on the Shard tower began and then 0 appeared and the New Year arrived – new wishes, new opportunities, new us. Kisses, love words, champagne. Could the moment last a bit longer. 
I am writing this two days later and the quiet content in my soul is telling me that despite the benefits of mindful practice the memories we made this New Year’s Eve will be evoked and treasured in the years to come. 


  1. I see Mussels in the photo! They won’t be as good as your Nina x Happy New Year x

    • Thanks Catherine, you are absolutely right – they are not as St. Tropez mussels chez Devlin!

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