The Greek myth of Icarus or what to do the next three years

We are naturally curious about the future. We want to know what is going to happen in order to navigate successfully through the complexities and challenges of life.
Astrology could give us a glimpse of the future (it is 
okay if you do not believe, read the post for fun) 
and could help us work beneficially with some
cosmic energies and vibrations.
A major shift will happen in the universe at the beginning of March 2023.  Saturn, the planet of mastery, the strict teacher, is moving into the romantic, dreamy and creative realm of Pisces and will stay there until 2026.
For me, the two most significant Saturn-in-Pisces impacts could be defined as:
1. Life is what you make of it 
2. Let it go
1. Life is what you make of it or the Greek myth of Icarus and his father Daedalus.
In essence, Deadalus  was a skilled craftsman, engineer and innovator. At some point in his life he was living with his son Icarus on the island of Crete. King Minos of Crete employed Deadalus to build a labyrinth where the cannibalistic monster Minotaur could be imprisoned. Dreadalus accomplished the project but later his relationship with the dictator declined and the King threw both him and his son in the labyrinth. 
Deadalus knew that eventually the Minotaur would find them in the maze so his inventive mind found the solution – he decided to escape by flying as a bird. A master plan was put in place and the hard work began – father and son diligently collected fallen feathers, carefully designed them into wings and glued them with wax. When the two pairs of wings were ready the father warned his son not to fly too high in the sky as the heat from the sun would melt the wax and ruin the wings. 
The plan was executed beautifully and the two man escaped from the labyrinth. However, Icarus was full of adrenaline and the ecstasy of flying. He forgot his father’s words and reached for the sun. The wax on the wings melted, Icarus fell into the sea and drown. Only Deadalus survived. 
In the Saturn-in-Pisces light, the lesson of the story could be defined as the”defiance of limitations” or the “desire to transgress human boundaries”. 
My interpretation is that hard work and controlled passion (as opposite of being controlled by passion) pay off in the end. If you have a dream which you want to fulfil or an idea you want to pursue, or a project you want to achieve, the next three years are yours to make it happen. It will be hard, it will require effort, time and sweat but if you are consistent and do not give up, the reward will be yours. Life is what we make of it.
2. “Let it go” or the Ponte Morandi collapse
In 2018 the beautiful Morandi bridge, built in Genoa in the 1960s, partially collapsed. The investigation revealed a “construction defect” and negligent maintenance as the reasons for the disaster. The bridge was completely demolished in June 2019 and the new Genoa-Saint George Bridge was built in 2020. 
How does this extreme example relate to Saturn in Pisces theme?  
The moral is that the structures in our lives  – habits, daily routines, personal and professional relationships, education etc will be tested in the next three years. 
The solid constructions will stay  and the outdated, fragile, defective and outgrown forms will collapse. The crumbling could bring sorrow, pain and tears but in the longer term it is good. 
We may miss the old designs but we will not want them back.
Challenging! Exciting! Let’s meet in three years and share the Saturn-in-Pisces experience.  


  1. Very interesting Nina very good food for thought xx

  2. Thought provoking sentiment Nina. Never be afraid to reach for the sky or build bridges.

  3. Поздравления за първата астрологична прогноза !!! Написана е в нетрадиционен астрологичен стил, но не е ли твърде вселенска? Преди заключителните 2 изречения нещо липсва, краят ме завари неподготвена. Очаквах още интересни примери за илюстрация на интересната прогноза.

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