Find out who you are -Part 2

The best approach to the ancient art of astrology is to accept its advisory nature. Consequently, the possible reaction to astrological advice could vary from complete ignorance of the information to taking action (internal or external) upon it. It is a choice people make.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in the quality of astrological advice you need to ensure you are not at the receiving end of wrong advice. In order to do that you need to find out what your ascendant sign is. (What is the ascendant you could find in my post, Find who you are – Part 1).

Personally, it took me a long time to realise that popular horoscopes in newspapers and magazines, on the websites and YouTube channels are based on the ascendant signs and not on the sun sign as I and many others assumed. 

So, if you are like me and read your astrological sun sign predictions and complain that nothing predicted and anticipated happened, it is because you read the wrong forecast. You need to look at the prediction for your ascendant sign – for example, I have Taurus ascendant and Libra sun so I must read the Taurus horoscope, not the Libra one.

Astrology works with planets and connections between them, with zodiac signs and zodiac houses. All these parts are organised in a certain way in the birthday zodiac chart. The organiser is the ascendant. So, if you read that your 6th house of health and routines is governed by Venus or Mars it is because your ascendant sign is Taurus. Or if you are Leo ascendent your 7th house of one-to-one relationships will be ruled by Uranus. 

The system could be described as similar to your house. In your house there are private rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms, living rooms for more public life, studies for work or hobbies and a basement and attic for secrets, memories and ghosts. But the most important part of the house is the outside door – you enter the house through this door. That is your ascendant – where you face the world and the world meets you. That gives the ascendant a vital quality, a very important characteristic. The ascendant shows how the world perceives us.

You must grasp the huge difference – the ascendant shows how other people see us not how we see ourselves. Between these two experiences lies a huge field of different perceptions. 

Take the recent case of Dominic Raab, the Deputy Prime Minister. He thought of himself as a tough master who implements crucial reforms. His subordinates and advisors however regarded him as a bully. (His a    scendant is Leo).

So, the ascendant sign could show us not only what people will say about us in private conversations or professional surveys but it indicates our blind spots in our interactions with others. Furthermore, the ascendant defines these first 30 seconds during which people form their impression of us. Will they like us or not? Our ascendant sign is to blame for the answer.

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  1. Най- после да разбера какво е асцендент и каква е неговата функция. Ще има ли още постове, свързани с астрологията ? Много интересно и полезно е астрологичното познание, представено в публикациите ” Кой съм аз? “

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