Pourquoi pas La Boheme!?

Christchurch local theatre, The Regent Centre, scored really high this week. 
After the recent broadcasting of the exquisite performance of Puccini’s opera Turandot by the Royal House of Opera, on Tuesday the theatre showcased the most loved Puccini opera La Boheme.
What a joy for all opera lovers in the area! 
The theatre was packed despite the dreadful weather. The wonderful staff were doing a fantastic job as usual. They were especially good at politely leading the late comers to their seats when the show already started.
The event was organised by the Hurn Court Opera charity. 
This charity gives the opportunity to young, promising singers to express their talents and to have much needed experience on stage.
Although La Boheme is an opera from the19th century, the story still resonates deeply with the endeavours and desires of any generation.
The dominant theme is tragic love –  at the end,  the flower-girl Mimi dies in the arms of her lover the poet Rudolfo.
Yet, the opera has many another layers. In its centre are four penniless young artists, – the poet Rudolfo, the painter Marcello, the musician Schaunard and the philosopher Colline. They live in the Latin Quarter of Paris and grapple to buy food and heat their rooms in the cold winter. 
But the four friends share everything in the most selfless, generous way. 
Rudolfo burns his manuscript to warm the room for his friends. 
Schaundard earns some money from an eccentric English gentlemen and he buys food for his friends and takes them to the cafe Momus to celebrate Christmas. 
When Mimi is dying, Mussetta, the lover of Marccelo, sells her earrings to ensure Mimi has medication and a muff. 
Colline sells his warm winter coat to raise the money needed for Mimi’s care. 
The opera audience does not know whether the four artists are talented or not. 
What the audience gets to know is that all of them are fully dedicated to their creative pursuits and nothing, even very dramatic circumstances, could make them earn money in more mundane jobs. Is that suffering in the name of art or stupidity? 
On the other hand, when the four friends do have money the party goes on. They love beautiful women and they give them treasured presents. They accept that their lovers live with rich sugar daddies  and at the same time suffer jealousy. They support the love affairs of their landlord but are deeply morally offended by the fact that he is married. 
Who says human beings are rational?
The artists of the Hurn Court Opera told the story passionately. 
Their performance was a breath of fresh air. The singers are very gifted with beautiful and powerful voices.
 I will not be surprised if I see some of them one day on the stage of world-class opera theatres. 
The director of the set design Michael Hurt deserves some special applause for the clever way the stage decor was transformed between the acts. 
Interestingly, the Metropolitan Opera New York will host the performance of Le Boheme from Friday, 21st April until 9th June 2023. If you are interested here is the link bit.ly/3mQCRRx

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  1. Вечната музика на Пучини – универсален език за хората ! Статията те предизвиква да бъдеш добър човек. Страхотна!!!

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