Happy Birthday

Many great philosophers and geniuses have applied their mind to the existential question “What is the meaning of life?” and they have given various answers. Call me big-headed but I have never had any difficulty when providing an answer to this question – the meaning of life is life itself, in other words the meaning of life is being alive. 
And there is no better time to celebrate life than on our birthdays. Birthdays are not about counting age or achievements. Birthdays are about the sweetness of life, joyful rituals of celebrating the miracle of breathing.
On my birthday I am the centre of attention of the most important people in my life – my family and friends, my colleagues. And importantly – they give me presents – expected presents and surprise presents (pleasant or unpleasant). What joy to open and appreciate them! 


It gets even better, birthdays are a justified reason for organising holidays abroad or parties at home

But in recent years I have come to the idea of cherishing the day after the birthday. All planned celebrations are over, afterparty fatigue is overwhelming and hurrah! – happy surprises are in store. 

Happy surprises like a gorgeous sunny October morning after a thunderstorm and power cut the night before with the buzzing Avon beach and sparkling white yachts around the Needles. The best morning to have an enjoyable girly chat on the terrace of the Noisy Lobster restaurant and to receive a beautiful copal amber necklace as a surprise birthday present. 
Birthdays are the days when we loosen up and just enjoy being alive. 

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