The ugly head of “I am not good enough”

Practising the art of self-observation helps us to recognise the signs of self-sabotaging in everyday life. One of the nastiest is the little inner voice telling us “I am not good enough”. 
If you hear this voice shoot from the hip, kill the bastard, slaughter its ugly head. You are good, you are very good and you are capable enough. 
Somewhere in your past maybe your parents (with good intention), or your teachers or your friends or your colleagues told you that you were not up to a single task. 
Your brain (naturally hardwired to notice the negativity more than the positive) picked the statement (true or not)  and internalised it. So every time you have a little blip or setback the narrative appears. 
Recently, I witnessed the following story. A well-qualified professional, with more than 20-years experience of delivering an excellent standard of professional service, struggled for a brief moment with routine training at work. 
He was so upset and angry with himself. I guessed the deformed mind of “I’m not good enough” possessed him and he did not brush it off as just a bad moment, a case of not paying enough attention or even not a very clear training task.
I witnessed how harsh we can be on ourselves, expecting to be perfect.
How can you smash the ill-flavoured voice “I am not good enough”? It is up to you – find your way of recognising it, accepting it and eliminating it.
There are many sources that can advise you on that – books, videos, documentaries, podcasts. And practise the process!
Personally, if I hear this voice in my head I am ready for it.
I immediately recognise the horrible account and firmly say to myself “It is only my mind, it is not the reality, it is not the truth.” It works for me and I notice that the voice is materialising less and less
The nicest thing about being human is being imperfect.
Let’s celebrate the beauty of imperfection.

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