Practising regular pleasure

There are some people that find life-long pleasure in their jobs. They are the lucky ones. For many of us work is something we do to pay our bills and acquire material things, including financing our hobbies. 
Hobby is defined as an activity that we practice regularly which gives us pleasure.
How we choose our hobbies is a very interesting question, but today’s subject is how we can ensure that the excitement and pleasure we experience from our new hobby stays with us in the long turn. 
Let’s be honest – we all have done that – choosing a hobby, investing money, telling everyone about it and bang – three weeks to three months along the line the new hobby is forgotten and we are looking for another one.
 Practising the art of self-observation is the key in this scenario.
Ask yourself and look  for the answers in your everyday life:
1. Does this activity inspire me? Do I sometimes start the activity tired and reluctant but finish it in high spirits, feeling joy and contentment? 
2. Do I give priority to this activity? Where is it in my list of important things?
3. Do I manage to allocate time to this activity in my busy day?
4. Have I sacrificed or am I willing to sacrifice something in order to practice this activity?


5. Have I ever thought of making my hobby my career?
 Depending on your answers – press ahead with the project, drop  it without regret or leave it for another time in your life. 
It sounds very simple and we all know what to do. Yet, the experience is: 
I already hear the sceptic voices saying that people are so busy juggling work, families and  responsibilities that they do not have time for hobbies. 

Think again! 

The time is coming when you will not be defined by the work you do but by the hobbies you pursue. 

1. Many people have a sense of failure and feel frustrated when they invest (time and money) on an impulse that only lasts a short time.
2. They really miss the opportunity to have more pleasure in their life by not choosing a hobby that brings them joy and fulfilment.

3. They blow the chance to earn money from something they love doing.

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