Perspective as a way of feeling good


One of the positive side effects of practicing the art of self-observation is gaining more awareness of your perspective.
What is perspective – it is the way you think, your mind. 
Let’s take the following scenario:
You give a proposal of advanced ideas to the establishment, you are willing to work hard to implement them and to build a team around them so there will be continuity if someone drops out. 
You know that the proposal is very good, feasible and will contribute to the progress of the organisation. 
It is rejected without any explanation. You are upset, angry, trying to understand why and blaming yourself that you probably did not present it in the best way.
Please, do not sabotage yourself. Change your perspective. 
Rejections result from lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown, There are so many examples in human history of decisions made by yesterday’s people trying to suffocate new ideas.
You cannot control outside influences – you can control your choices – so you can take on this uphill battle or move on and plant your ideas in more fertile soil. 
Next scenario – a year or so later the higher level of the organisation strongly encourages implementation of the ideas you suggested but which were previously rejected. 
How will you feel and think  – feel sadness because you wasted your time, feel a sense of revenge, think of the irony of the situation, etc?
NO, you have proof that you are a visionary, a person of new ideas and inspirations. 
Feel happy, feel good in yourself and next time give your ideas to an organisation that supports pioneers.

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  1. Впечатляваща публикация, която достъпно обяснява житейски ситуации и предлага правилни за всеки човек решения.Заслужаваме да имаме собствена гледна точка и да бъдем визионери.

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